After School Clubs

Burt Township School District recognizes the ever changing interests of our students. Our desire is to give students a safe place to explore those interests and help foster their creativity and passion.

In recent years, students have formed various clubs and extra curricular activities, including cooking, Japanese anime, weight lifting, music, board games, Dungeons and Dragons, robotics, yearbook / photography, eSports, and more.

If you are interested in starting a club at the school, no idea or hobby is too small. Let a member of the staff know your idea and we will help you get it off the ground!

Theater and Stage Construction

Middle and high school students in our Theater and Stage Construction class take part in all of the steps of brining a production from concept to the stage. Students can explore everything from acting, to lighting and sound, to building and painting sets and props. 


Each year, secondary students are able to explore the natural beauty of the Upper Peninsula with one or more camping trips. This great bonding experience gives students access to kayaking/canoeing, fishing, cooking over the fire, nature walks and hiking, and a whole lot more.