Burt Township School District is lucky to have the largest School Forest in the State of Michigan.  The School Forest covers just under 1,300 acres of pristine mixed conifer/hardwood forest located just 4 miles east of the school. 

We invite you to visit the School Forest to hike the trails, play some disc golf, and check out any other projects taking place out there.

The Burt Township School Forest is the largest school forest in the state, at 1,276 acres.  The school obtained the forest from the State of Michigan via the Municipal Forest Act in 1935, 1939, and 1940.  The deed includes the clause, “It is expressly understood that the land herein described shall be used solely for forestry purposes and when the same ceases to be used for such purposes, it shall revert to the State of Michigan.”  In 1992 the Burt Township School Board approved the forest management plan developed by DNR forester Bob DeVillez and subsequently the 2002 and 2007 Forest Stewardship Plan (FSP) developed and administered by Grossman Forestry Company.  Please click here for a detailed look at the current forest stewardship plan.