Vision Statement

The Burt Township School District strives for progressive action in all areas of educational development, paying special attention to each individual student and their relationship to our natural environment as well as the ever-changing technological, global community. Burt Township School District provides a safe and respectful learning environment to ensure that all students are given the opportunity to experience success, bringing them closer to their dreams.

Burt Township School History

Formal education began in the beautiful village of Grand Marais in 1885, when a small school was built to serve 50 students. In 1895 as the town boomed due to logging and fishing, the first high school was built. This and two other small schools peaked at 520 students in 1905. In 1928, deterioration of the original building led to plans for a new school building. At the total cost of $125,000 the new, and still currently used, K-12 school was finished and occupied in February of 1929.

While changing economic conditions caused a steep population decline in the early part of the twentieth century, the student population in Grand Marais stabilized and fluctuated slightly between 90-140 students over the next 80 years. Throughout that time Burt Township School earned a reputation as a strong academic institution that sent a majority of its graduates on to higher education and skilled professions.

Today in 2015, due to a further change and overall decline in Grand Marais’ population, Burt Township School serves around 30 students K-12. While there are unique challenges to being so small, benefits include strong one on one relationships between students and staff, a familial atmosphere, and various opportunities for all students to excel. These qualities and the additional resources of a 1300 acre school forest, a shared border with Pictured Rocks National Lakeshore, and being located on the shores of the amazing Lake Superior combine to make Burt Township School a place where great things can and do happen for its students.

As our world and economy continue to change in unpredictable ways, Burt Township School is working hard to provide a modern education that will equip our students with the skills to connect and compete into the future.

Serving All Students

Burt Township School in Grand Marais takes Special Education services very seriously as we want what is best for your child. We currently utilize a LD Consultant who assists all of our teaching staff in developing appropriate accommodations for each student. Teachers then utilize differentiated instructional methods to deliver the best education possible to each individual child–special education or not.

Depending on student need, we may also contract out for any other special education service needs, dependent mostly on Marquette-Alger Regional Service Agency (MARESA) to provide us with appropriate services.

If you have any questions or concerns about our special education program, please contact the school via phone and someone will be happy to speak with you about it.
Consistent with the Individuals with Disabilities Act of 2004 (IDEA) regulation 300.307 (a), the Office of Special Education and Early Intervention Services has established the criteria that must be followed to determine the existence of a Specific Learning Disability (SLD). The following is a link to information on the process which will be used by Burt Township School to determine the existence of an SLD.