School Board meetings are held every second Wednesday of the month in the Burt Township School Library located on the second floor of Grand Marais School. Meeting dates and virtual join links can be found on our school calendar.

Please visit this link to access school board agendas and meeting minutes.

School Board Members

President: Sara Secrest (Term ends: 12/31/26)
Vice President: Helen Scaife (Term ends: 12/31/24)
Treasurer: Jeremy Taylor (Term ends: 12/31/24)
Secretary : Kathy Jenkins (Term ends: 12/31/24)
Trustee: Lisa Marks (Term ends: 12/31/24)
Trustee: Jennifer Williamson (Term ends: 12/31/26)
Trustee: Christine Lundquist (Term ends 12/31/24)

Please email [email protected] to contact the school board.