Burt Township Elementary School consists of kindergarten through sixth grade. Our classrooms offer a multilevel setting, in which students are able to make great strides both academically and socially. Our goal is to set our students up for success starting in kindergarten and moving beyond.

We strive to provide a safe learning environment where students are encouraged to become independent thinkers, with a strong sense of responsibility for their own learning and for the world around them.  

We encourage our students to be curious, always ask questions, and look for answers from a variety of sources. We believe that students asking questions enhances their learning experience and promotes critical thinking skills for future success. Ideas for lessons, readings, and projects are often student driven. This fosters their love of learning and encourages them to try new, exciting, and challenging things.

We support our learning community by building a more encompassing curriculum, guiding students with different learning styles, offering differentiated assignments, and providing the opportunity for them to achieve their personal best.